STOP Common Core in New York State 
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About Us

Our Goals:

This is to inform and educate parents about how the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) agenda is federal takeover of the education.  This will remove you as a parent and give you no say. States were coerced and bribed with incentives to be part of this Common Core agenda. Your New York school tax dollars have been hijacked without your knowledge or consent. Ask yourself why you are just learning about it now through your child and only recently, two years after the implementation started?  Start researching and educating yourself.  Then empower others with the knowledge you can pass on...


  • DATA MINING of YOUR CHILD: Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems/SLDS; PII (Personal Identifiable Information) for NYS
  • PARENTAL PARTICIPATION RIGHTS STRIPPED: Parents have no recourse to influence content standards, Common Core agenda is controlled by unaccountable outsiders (ACHIEVE, Inc., PEARSON, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • YOUR SCHOOL TAX DOLLARS: The money that you earn working everyday is being used in unethical and unscrupulous ways and will only increase due to CCSS.  Our children are guinea pigs for the untested, unproven program with an unknown price tag $$$.
  • SCHOOL CHOICE:  Common Core is eliminating differences between public, charter, private, independent and homeschooling. Independent schools and homeschoolers do not have to implement CCSS at this time BUT… new textbooks are being aligned to the Common Core agenda.  Will independent schools have to comply to be accredited again?
  • YOUR CHILD'S FUTURE and what sector they will follow in their life will be determined by the standardized tests they are forced to take and those who mandate them.  Following your dreams and desires as a child will no longer be possible; it's for the greater good (thecollective notion: Melissa Harris-Perry  “Your children are NOT your own”)!

Rules of Engagement  FBGroup Page, "Stop Common Core in New York State" & the Forum:

To start with from a post I made a couple of weeks ago... This affects ALL Americans with children. Everyone has their own opinions and as the admin/mod for the FB group page and the forum I would like this atmosphere to be respectful, no matter what you label yourself as. Come to think of it, it would be preferred labels NOT be used to describe oneself because doing so, will create a contentious atmosphere right from the start and quite honestly I/we don’t have the time. It's impudent to this mission. It is counterproductive as well. 

No personal attacks attacks will be tolerated on any members
. The work we have put into this mission is priceless. Doing 20 hours a day at a time for days at a time (reading, listening, brainstorming, etc.) for the last several weeks taking time away from my beloved children and husband. I/we will not let this be destroyed by a trivial label. We are NOT labels. We are **Americans** and it’s about time people start realizing that our country, this very god given country that was built upon a foundation, an idea, is about to implode from within. CCS was a design in the making for a long time now and the nail in the coffin is the implementation of CCS. My children are what are driving me. They give me the internal strength to accept this journey. So doing this was not something I chose to do for giggles because I am a SAHM and thought it would be fun for today. This has essentially taken a lot of my personal time, money, emotional strength and a lot of tongue biting in the process and I’m sure there will be a lot more to come. 

The work done here is something
WE should all be proud of. Knowing that there are people out there who are passionate like me and have the backbone to take the hits make it a much stronger journey. The last several weeks with the networking done here I have “met” so many wonderful, strong, determined, faithful people with a solid sense of what is right for their OWN child and who also understand the bigger picture and I/we will NOT let it be destroyed by unwise labels. If I were asked to choose a label the only label that comes to my mind would be ----- AMERICANS! 
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