STOP Common Core in New York State 
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Dear President-elect Trump

It's time to push up our sleeves....once again.  Not only here in New York State, but nationwide.  

This is a call-out to ALL Stop Common Core Warriors. Please feel free to use this website for your individual state needs to unite our voices for all our children, nationwide.

We just elected a new President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and have this great opportunity to share our thoughts through the new Trump/Pence website.

This is for our children so we invite you, and your children, to write something yourself whether or not you voted for the Trump/Pence, let us put politics aside for their educational future.

Please send us a copy of your letter to and will publish them here too.


What To Do?

Go to and you should see a screen similar to the picture on your left.  Then in your own words express why you want Common Core gone.  

There are 4 easy steps:

1. Fill in your name and email address

2. Make your statement

3. Click the box "I'm not a robot"

4. Hit the "Submit" button and you are all done

What others have said...
Vincent Jassak - Ramstein, Germany

First, I'd like to offer you the heartiest congratulations on the win this week. I was proud to mark the ballot for you, all the way from Germany. Absentee voting was not as exciting as voting on Election Day; however, I'm glad to have been part of the winning team! 

I would like to throw my support behind your initiative to eliminate Common Core from our educational system. I, along with many warriors across the country, have been fighting this process for almost 5 years now. The carrot offered NY, in the form of Federal aid for schools, was tempting for our State. They took the money and began implementation of one of the worst educational systems we have ever faced. 

I have been a teacher for over 20 years and have seen many philosophies come and go. That said, the implementation of Common Core caused me to quit the profession I love because I could no longer make my students (and children) suffer through the system. We are losing an entire generation of kids to Common Core and the results show no improvement for them. 

I could talk for pages about the evils of the initiative, but I will stop here with one request. Many of my friends were one-issue voters on this topic. Please do all you can to eliminate Common Core from our schools (we would really like to see the unconstitutional DOE disappear, as well!) Thank you for your time and, again, congratulations on the election. May God bless you, your family as well as Mr. Pence and his family. 

Vincent Jassak

Yvonne Gasperino - New York

This is a STOP Common Core Warrior Mama here .. from your home state. First, a sincere congratulations on your win, which is a win for ALL Americans. 

This note is dedicated to all OUR CHILDREN who have been impacted by Common Core. 

I can only speak for myself but this STOP Common Core Mother from New York has always supported you (but I personally know many other STOP CC mothers and fathers nationwide who have supported you as well). Now we are asking that you partner with us to STOP COMMON CORE indefinitely. 

The following statement I can confidently say there are mothers & fathers from EVERY state that will agree with this sentiment: Dear President-elect Trump, WE are here, WE are strong, WE are vocal, WE are organized, and WE are UNITED for OUR CHILDREN because they are OUR AGENDA!! We look forward to working with you soon. 

Thank you. 

Sincerely, The Nationwide Movement of the Stop Common Core Coalition of Mothers & Fathers

Yvonne Gasperino, Co-founder Stop Common Core in New York State

Denis Ian - New York

Congratulations on your historic election. I hope your electrifying victory signals exciting changes for all of us … especially for our children.

You vowed to end Common Core … and rescue all of our children from an educational nightmare. We believe you will honor your pledge … as we honored our pledge to you on Election Day.

Godspeed. You have arrived just in time.

Denis Ian

Elaine Finlay Coleman - New York

Congratulations on being elected our next President of the United States. Let me introduce myself, I am the proud mother of two amazing young men currently attending a public Montessori school in Yonkers, NY. I have fought side by side, hand in hand, with countless warrior parents like myself over the past 5 years to abolish the so called "higher standards" known as Common Core.

The children of America have been suffering for far too long now under the pretenses of these supposed better and high standards. They are not higher, nor better and my children, and the children of America, deserve the chance at a real future. Now is your chance to hold true to your campaign promise of getting rid of Common Core, restoring a true and valid education to the children of America, and bringing back local control to the states. I wish you luck and much success as our 45 President of this our United States. 


A strong and proud Warrior Mom from NYS.

Deborah Torres Henning - New York

Mr. Trump - 

Thank you for fighting for the forgotten Americans and defying all odds and rising above the incessant attempts to thwart your efforts. I admire your fighting spirit and want pledge my help as a warrior who has been fighting Common Core for over 4 years now. 

I admin several social media groups focused on crushing this terrible blight on our nation's children. We must put an end to Common Core, and we must dismantle the DOE and the federal government's illegal and intrusive mandates on what should be locally controlled education as provided by the 10th amendment. 

We are an army of parent warriors who have the children as our number one priority and we want to help you help them! We have been fighting from every angle possible to help the children - letters, phone calls, faxes, emails, meetings, rallies, forums, running for local Board of Education positions, serving on Senate advisory Committees, speaking at task force meetings, whatever we can do - We do it, and we do it with tens of thousands of concerned parents backing us up. 

We are ready to take the fight to the next level and we need your help. We would love the opportunity to explain why we want it gone, what is the tangled Web behind it, and what we propose going forward. We have no other agenda than to save the children and save the nation from this education debacle. 

Mr. Trump, you will undoubtedly hear from unions and administrators telling you of their woes and focusing on their agendas, but I beg of you to remember - the children don't have a union, and the only agenda we have is helping them; and helping make education great again!


Deborah Torres Henning. Founder of NY Guardians, concerned parent, and fierce warrior...

Katherine Gasperino - New York

Congratulations to our newly elected President Donald J. Trump. We are so excited about the future of our country. We hope that you will address CC as you have promised. 

My daughter and our son-in-law have fought a great fight against CC for several years and counting, dedicating countless of their family hours to end Common Core for ALL children. 

We have two beautiful grandchildren that we adore and who are the treasures of our lives. We are so relieved that they will not be a pawn and used as a tool for a managed economy, which is one of Common Core’s ultimate goal. 

My grandchildren will now have the opportunity for a free-enterprise when they are ready to enter the world as young adults. I can now continue living out the rest of my life knowing my beloved grandchildren’s future has been saved. 

In the meantime, we can let them do what they do best … Be Children. 

May God always Bless you and keep you and your family safe. We love you. May God Bless America … America First. 

Sincerely, Nona & Papa Gasperino

Shelly Stevens - New York

A sincere congratulations on your election! I wish this letter could wait a few more months until you’re settled into your role. Unfortunately, time is of the essence and this is by and far the most important item on your agenda, our children.

As an educated mother of 3 under 10, my 1st priority is my children. That is why I write to you today to let you know that I support your initiative to STOP COMMON CORE. 

I agree whole heartedly with you when you said, “Common Core is a disaster” and “schools are failing to put young Americans on a path to success.” We desperately need your help to get back on that path to success.

Our children are our future, and we need your help!
I wish you and Mr Pence, God Speed on this essential issue.

Shelly Stevens, MBA, concerned mother of 3
Founder AA Education Allies, Almond NY

Lisa Weinmaster Glauner - Wyoming

From Cheyenne, WY: Honorable President Elect Trump, I have been teaching since 1984, before there were standards. We used a lot of creativity in those days. Schools didn’t get a lot of federal funding. Then came “No Child Left Behind.” I saw that teachers were spending more and more time on language arts and math and less time on history and science.

The methods used to teach reading were not what I’d call natural. Mostly sight words instead of phonics. The stories went from uplifting and inspiring to simply fun or informational. The methods used for basic math problems also became fuddled and confusing. Then Common Core entered, and education turned on its head.

No longer is the purpose of education to bring forth educated citizens, but good, obedient, worker bees who have no critical thinking skills and are clueless as to how our government is supposed to work or even have pride in our great nation. This is the result of moving control of education from parents to a one size fits all bureaucracy.

Lisa Weinmaster Glauner
Founder of Educate Wyoming.

Valerie Dicaprio - New York

Dear President-Elect Trump,

Congratulations on your recent election.

I have been fighting against common core for the past several years, along with many other dedicated mothers and fathers in New York State. We have significant concerns regarding the standards and associated curricula that have overtaken our schools. 

I was very happy to read that you had appointed Williamson Evers to your transition team, as he is well versed in education and curriculum and the problems inherent with common core. I hope that when you select the Secretary of Education, you will use the same care and select a person with a similar background. I'm certain whoever the individual is, this person will share our view that "common core is a disaster" and will work diligently to return local control to our school districts.

Thank you for your time. I wish you the best of luck as our new president, for your success is ours. 


Valerie Dicaprio Co-founder Stop Common Core on Long Island (SCCLI)

John D. Shefffield - New York

Dear President-elect Trump:

Herein lie some of my views regarding education policy at the state and federal levels. I address the Federal Education Department, share some information about myself, and about how the political process both at the state level (in New York) and at the federal level (in D.C.) have treated education activists & child advocates such as myself. It is my intent to share facts and share possible solutions and ideas. I will not apologize for the length of this communique for i do not believe that the education of ALL of our nation's children should be condensed down to neat little out of context sound bites. It was disheartening to me that neither side during the course of this election cycle deemed our nation's children and public education a priority to be discussed in depth.

Unlike many of my contemporaries I believe there MAY be a place for the Department of Federal Education as it was originally intended....again I emphasize the word "MAY."

The Federal Department of Education in its current incarnation was birthed by President Jimmy Carter in 1979. Carter’s idea was founded on sound reasoning. At that point in time he saw the federal government as intrusive. He himself stated that the federal government had, instead of assisting education at local levels, added to their “ burden.” The fed had indeed become a culture “bureaucratic buck passing.” He further went on to say that the federal government, which should be a “junior partner” in American education, had mistakenly relegated itself to that of an equal and silent partner. There were essentially six key tenets that the Federal Dept. of Education was founded upon.

1) It would bring education into the national spotlight and put someone a position of authority to “stir the discussion” regarding education.

2) It was to make federal education programs more accountable.

3) It would streamline education as it would no longer be enmeshed in HEW; which in turn would “promote better service” to local school systems.

4) The reorganization would result in substantial personnel and bureaucratic streamlining. It would allow for improved services at less cost.

5) “It will make Federal education programs more responsive. Placing education in a highly visible department of its own gives the American people a much clearer perspective on what the Federal Government is doing in education and who is responsible for these activities. It allows people to better decide what the Government should and should not be doing in education.”

6) “A Department of Education will ensure that local communities retain control of their schools and education programs. That is essential if our schools are to serve their students properly, and the Department of Education will, therefore, not permit the Federal Government to begin making decisions on education policy that are best made at the local level.”

President Carter’s complete statement regarding the DOE can be found here: Department of Education Organization Act Statement on Signing S. 210 Into Law. October 17, 1979

I truly believe that President Carter had nothing but the best intentions mind as he created the DOE.

The problem arose in subsequent administrations...BOTH GOP and Dem. It started with Reagan's reliance on the severely flawed findings of "A Nation At Risk" and grew to Bush1 to Clinton to Bush2 to Obama's RTTT and Common Core (More detailed information can be found here:

I guess I should give you some background on who I am:

I am the father of two children that were well–served by the public school system (as was I, many years ago). I am an educator, I have been called an education activist, and I am an active member of my community. I also am one very concerned citizen of New York and of this great nation – concerned about the direction education is being driven, not just on the state level, but by the way Fed Ed is pushing, and at times threatening, my state and nation. I am also deeply – DEEPLY troubled by the daily erosion of local control of public education, which I feel is being outright taken from our communities across the state.

Last spring I was officially interviewed for the position of NYS Regent by Assembly members in Albany, NY on Wednesday February 3rd, 2016. That interview in its entirety can be found here:

I was interviewed live by Susan Arbettor on Friday February 5th, 2016 for her show The Capitol Pressroom; that interview can be found here from the 36:12 mark to the 48:24 mark

I have been interviewed by local papers and been endorsed by such groups as Stop Common Core in New York State, NYSAPE, and NY BATS, and by numerous other groups and individuals across the state.

Throughout this process of interviews, I reached out to three superintendents in New York State that are well known for being honest, outspoken, and against many of the current reforms taking place in education. I informed all of them of what I wanted, who the other two were I was reaching out to, and that I was asking the same thing of all of them. They graciously granted me permission to share their names: Dr. Michael Hynes - Superintendent at Patchogue-Medford School District; Dr. Joseph Rella - Comsewogue Superintendent; Dr. William Cala – Retired Superintendent Pembroke, Shoreham-Wading River, and Fairport School Districts.

They were all posed the same hypothetical question: “If, in your capacity as Superintendent, you were to be involved in the Regent process, what are the top five or ten items you would ask prospective candidates about?” While they did not all come up with the same exact items, many of them were related. In an effort to answer as many of their top concerns as possible, I am linking some of their individual questions together into four major areas of concern.

Q: How would you begin to heal the damage done over the past five years? How would you demonstrate that children are the center of the educational enterprise? Where do you stand on the right of parents to OPT-OUT?
A: All three of these issues are tied together by one simple theme: trust. In order to undo the damage of the past five years, trust must be rebuilt between the Regents and the people of New York State. The legislature and the governor must also win back the trust of parents and communities across the state.

We must start by using child–centered practices that are proven and remove the emphasis on testing. Look at the programs that are being used in the consortium schools that are experiencing great success without a focus on testing and, for the most part, without Common Core. We should expand on those models; let decisions be made at the local level as to which part or parts of the consortium models best fit their given community.

We need to address the different learning styles of our children, in part, by providing multiple pathways to graduation through the use of different diploma tracks. While recognizing that a Regent’s diploma appropriately suits the capabilities of some students, we must bring back the “local” diploma, have a vocational diploma track, and recognize that our hard– working special education students deserve a diploma as well for their various equivalent skill sets.

In addition to these things, I support parents’ opt out rights. The children are their children. It is up to the Regents and education policy makers to earn back the trust of parents, schools, communities, and educators – until such time when parents do not feel they have to opt their children out. Furthermore, I will fight against any and all government agencies or persons that threaten, attempt to intimidate, and/or try to penalize districts with high opt out rates.

Q: What do you see as the role of testing? Should testing be coupled with teacher/school/administrative/district evaluation?
A: First and foremost, the role of testing should be for the classroom teacher and used in both formative and summative capacities for the classroom. I further add that its weight as a summative tool should be limited to 25% or under during any given marking period. To be clear though, this decision should be made at the local level. While I understand we are in an age of “globalization”, our communities are as varied as the children in them.

Should tests be linked to evaluations of teachers, principals, schools, and districts? The answer is simple: absolutely not. There is no reliable or valid formula to do so; Value Added Measure (VAM) is a perfect example of this. The reason there is no reliable or valid measure to link test scores to these types of evaluations is because these tests are not made to measure teacher/principal/school effectiveness. It is an axiom in testing and statistics that one does not use an instrument to measure something it was not made for! Where a Regents diploma is concerned, then testing may play a larger role due to the nature of that diploma track; what that role is needs to be determined by all stakeholders and certainly must have educator input.

Q: What are your stances on the funding of charter schools with public money with little accountability or oversight, the $300 million that charter schools received for MANDATE RELIEF this year, and unfunded and underfunded mandates in our public schools?
A: I think what bothers me the most about charter schools is how their original intent has been distorted from an alternative setting for students who have difficulty functioning in the “normal” school environment to a cash cow for privateers and education reformers whose main concern is the bottom line and profit margins…NOT the kids. The fact that they receive public funds with little or no oversight is mind–boggling to me as a citizen and tax payer. 

If you delve further into it, you will find that many of these privateers have dumped millions upon millions of dollars into the legislative process of New York, including massive donations to Governor Cuomo, in order to exercise control over New York’s education policies. Part of their payback is that they receive public funds yet they do not have to play by the same rules as true public schools across the state.

As for the “mandate” relief charter schools have received this year, it simply disgusts me. While not having to follow many of the same rules and regulations as most public schools, here they are receiving even more public monies – and it comes at a time where the state is claiming not to have enough money to properly fund public schools. This leads me to underfunded and unfunded mandates.

Policies have been forced upon our public schools although proper funding has not been provided. As a matter of fact, the GEA (Gap Elimination Adjustment) is still here even though in two campaigns Governor Cuomo said eliminating it would be a priority. As a result of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit, it was found New York State owes its schools billions of dollars that it has yet to pay, and it has been known for years that New York’s Foundation Aid Formula is in dire need of adjustments…yet none of it has been fixed. It seems to me that this, combined with some of the other factors I’ve mentioned, constitutes a clear attack on public education; an attack that is purposely setting our children, schools, and communities up for failure in order to facilitate a hostile takeover of public education.

Q: What are the top three most pressing concerns you believe the Board must confront and correct?
A: There is really only one grave issue in my mind and that is the total lack of trust in those making educational decisions about our children. Trust must be rebuilt. In order to re-establish that trust, there are several main issues that must be dealt with. 

People, be they concerned parents, grandparents, educators, or community members in general, need to really be listened to. By that I mean more than just reflective listening and lip service. Action must be taken – action that undoes the damage of the past five years; it must be swift and it must be clear.

Processes dealing with education (and many other decisions for that matter) must be much more transparent. The citizens of this state deserve honesty and integrity where our children are concerned. Our children are not baseball cards to be traded and bartered away to the highest bidder and they should not be treated as such. The politics and big money must be driven from the equation in order for all children to be educated in the manner they all so richly deserve. The Regents must take the lead in this and all things regarding education.

The Board of Regents must regain control of educational decisions in New York State. The legislature must work with the Regents to properly fund education; investing in our children is truly investing in the future. The adage of pay now or pay later holds true. The cost of not investing in the education of all of our children to the very best of our ability leads to much greater financial and societal costs down the road. It is the Regents who must take the lead in all of this. It is they that must gain the trust of the parents, for with the active, involved, and informed parents backing them up, the legislature, and even the governor, will have to follow suit.

The Regents also must lead in absolving New York from its misplaced commitment to Common Core. After five years, the fact that there is so much public dissent about Common Core, its history, its developers, its inadequacies, its intrusiveness through data, its misplaced emphasis on testing, and the mere fact that it essentially is an experiment on our kids…all lead to the conclusion – it needs to be tossed. It is my opinion that it would have been gone already if not for the hundreds of millions of dollars of private money propping it up. Before Common Core, before RTTT, before NCLB, before federal government overreach began, New York had a first class public education system; we need to go back in time in order to move forward in education. New York also has its own “lost standards’ which had both time and money invested into them only to be “lost” in the wild goose chase of Race to the Top.

It is time for New York State to be a leader in education once more. The first step must be to leave Common Core and, if necessary, fight the Federal Department of Education. New York as a state must fight for its children. The leaders in that fight should be the New York State Board of Regents because they do not have to play politics; they only have to do what is right. In doing so, then trust can be restored, and we can move forward together.

(This "interview" was well received and published here: )

President-elect Trump: I and the people that supported me for a position on the NYS Board of Regents me know all to well first hand how politics & corporate money has seeped into public education and polluted and twisted it in such a way that decisions are not being made in the best interests of the children nor public education. How do we know this? We know this because those who supported me were from ALL OVER New York State. They were from Western NY, Northern NY, Central NY, the Southern tier, Long island, and New York City. They were parents, grandparents, and community members. They were of every race, age, religion, gender, and political belief system.....they were conservative, liberal, moderate, and every label you can think of. These people called, emailed, and mailed their legislators, representatives, and some even contacted Governor Cuomo's office. I, John Sheffield...a guy who makes his home in little Oswego, NY, received an outpouring of sustained support that far outweighed that of any other candidate in my district for the seat(s) I was running for.

Guess what happened: The friend of a powerful local politician was "chosen." Chosen against the will of the people. When governor Cuomo hijacked education policy in NYS by tying it to the 2015 budget (and in my opinion circumventing the NYS Constitution) the people and parents of NY again roe up and made their thoughts and opinions clear to the governor and the legislature. Once again we the people of NY were completely and utterly ignored.

I'll take it a step further to the national level. President-elect trump when the re-write of NCLB (now called ESSA) was going to be voted on education activists and child advocates from across the nation made their opinion VERY clear to their representatives and even to Senator Lamar Alexander the chair of the committee: "NO ESSA>>>DO NOT SIGN AND PASS THIS LAW." I was told by every legislative office I contacted that that message was very clear and that very few (in some instances none) calls were coming in that supported ESSA. Those who are supposed to represent us in D.C. went ahead and passed it anyway!

A final example: when now commissioner of FedEd John King's name came up for the FedEd Secretary position people from around the country rallied once more to make their voices heard. Their message again was clear: "NO JOHN KING FOR Secretary of FedEd." Those of us in New York were particularly vocal as we had experienced his dictatorship, in collusion with Governor Cuomo, over public schools firsthand. AGAIN, WE THE PEOPLE WERE IGNORED.

You say you are against Common Core. I urge you to eduacate yourself on ALL of the hydra like tentacles attached to it; the data mining, the control, false claims behind it, lack of supportive research, the push to privatize and treat our children as human capital to be profited from, and above all please realize that the education of children is NOT the same as building a car or hotel; and it certainly is not placing them in fornt of a computer screen more and more. True education is a very human endeavor sir, and removing the humanity from it is not only bad practice but a dangerous practice as well.

More information on my views can be found at

You may also find me on YouTube by searching "John Sheffield Off the Cuff."

Respectfully submitted,

John D. Shefffield
70 Edwards Circle
Oswego, NY 13126
Sharon Sewell - Alabama

I want to make America great again by moving our public schools out of common core.
Common core in the State of Alabama has ruined our successes and moved us to the bottom of the NAEP, National Assessment for Educational Progress.

Our teachers are terribly frustrated. Our students are perplexed and confused, especially in math. Our parents are pulling their hair out. Student's days are filled with testing and test preparations instead of great imaginative lessons. Reading has become snippets of literature filled with political agendas. Math is so complex parents can't even help their kids with their homework. Testing is extreme and totally unnecessary. Teachers evaluations are tied to the testing results of their students. The data mined from these tests is saved in state and national data banks.

These data banks in turn are being used for marketing purposes. I was told when I first learned about common core that it was the currency for the 21st Century. It's a cash cow and the milk is sour and unfit for consumption.
We have been fighting this since 2009. Please make this Obama-Ed go away! There are thousands across the nation that have worked tirelessly trying to stop Obama-Ed Common Core. Hear our cry. See the nation's children floundering under common core and make it go away.


Sharon Sewell, Montgomery, Alabama
Coordinator, Alabamians United for Excellence in Education. 
Stop Common Core in Alabama Facebook page.
Retired Teacher 32 years K - college

Jenni White - Oklahoma

After spending years as a leading voice against Common Core in our state - and as having a widely credited part in Oklahoma's repeal of the Common Core State Standards from state law - myself and the member of Restore Oklahoma Public Education (now Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment) ask you respectfully to make good on your campaign promise to stop Common Core at the federal level. This can be done easily by removing grant applications (Race to the Top e.g.) and other funding streams (21st Century grants e.g.) which have incentivize the use of this program.

Inside the Nation's first Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESA), are prohibitions against the collection of personal student data AND nationalized testing - both of which have not only been thoroughly ignored by the federal DOE but unlawfully encouraged and regulated to the states. According to the United States Constitution and its 10th Amendment, public education is to be held as strictly a state matter. I also adjure you solemnly to respect our Founder's mandate and use your legal authority to remove the power of the federal DOE and return it in full measure to the states.

May God bless your endeavors on the behalf of our Nation.


Jenni White (Oklahoma)
Education Coordinator,, Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment

Michael Panessa - New York

Dear President Elect Donald Trump, 

Congratulations on your victory. To make America great again it is imperative that the state of education is addressed immediately. Children and families have been suffering for years under the oppressive federal dictates of No Child Left Behind and now even worse, Common Core. These programs and approaches to education have proven to be colossal failures. 

My own family and children suffered beneath these systems to the point where my wife and I pulled our children from the public schools almost 3 years ago when we could no longer bare the effect it was having upon them academically with a very narrowed curriculum and standards which never lived up to their hype. We now homeschool. My children are no longer with friends they were with for years. This was never our plan. 
As parents the ultra intrusive data harvesting of our children's most private information for third party and government use and abuse tipped the scale. The executive order President Obama signed in 2009 that expanded FERPA to allow for this intrusion needs to be rescinded immediately. 
This executive order is the lynchpin which nearly all of the failed programs hinge on as it is, in the end about harvesting data from children and profiting every way imaginable off of that data no matter if any good comes from it or not and it's not. 

Federal intrusion into education to make it better ,while maybe well meaning has proven to be a disaster for our country. Many states have renamed common core to hide the fact that it is still common core and contains all of it's tentacles. ESSA did not solve the issues at all, on the contrary via back door methods, even more power is able to be pressed upon the states to fall in line with federal desires if they wish to receive their Title 1 funding and not be shut down for failing to improve at what numerous experts across the country both conservative and liberal have agreed must be brought to a stop. 
More importantly, parents across the country by the millions loathe common core in whatever form it happens to take. To make America great again it is imperative that the Federal Department of Education be diminished at most to the point of an advisory council with no financial power over states as was intended in the constitution whereby education is to be left to the states. This department has stepped far outside of it's initial charter which was very limited.

We the American people have paid the price and more importantly our children crying and pulling out their hair at kitchen tables with nonsensical ,neverending, confusing, and pointless homework and day after day of standardized tests have paid the price. 

High school students are just now hitting the brick wall created by common core as graduation issues begin to be affected by the adherence to the common core and it's attached anchors. 
Please take action immediately to provide long awaited relief to not only my family but millions of families around the country. Thank you and best wishes in your presidency. 

Ever Vigilant Parents,
Michael and Jennifer Panessa Rochester, New York

Stan Wayne - New York

Dear Trump team:

I am proud to say that I favored Donald from the beginning of the primaries.  I would like to encourage the team to stand firm agains Common Core.  The 10th Amendment issue, the experimental and anti American damaging curriculum show clearly that local control of curriculum has been correct. School choice is not the only important issue. Local control of curriculum, standardized testing and mandatory union membership are critical.

Thank you.

Jean P. Lehane - Rhode Island

President-Elect Donald J. Trump

Congratulations on becoming the 45th President of the United States.

Today I write to you as a Mother and education advocate.

During the campaign you said you wanted to rid this nation of common core.  This note comes with high hopes that this is a campaign promise you intend to keep.

Common core is not just about the standards themselves, but also protecting the privacy of student data. Education has gone from a classical teaching and learning model to a mechanism for workforce development. Parents feel strongly the latter model too closely resembles the Chinese model, and this concerns us greatly!  

We also know there is a balance between vocational learning for the trades and educating children to think and create for themselves.  Both philosophies could be enshrined within a new education inititative.   

Additionally, as you search for someone to fill the position of Secretary of Education, could you please consider William Evers.  Dr. Peg Luksik, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Dr. James Milgram and Anita Hoge would also be excellent advisors under his stewardship.

Thank you for taking on the enormous challenge of the Presidency.  I wish you great success in this endeavor.  

Best Regards,

Jean P. Lehane
Stop Common Core in RI
Collapse the Core, Portsmouth RI

Macey France - Oregon

Dear President Elect Trump and Vice President Elect Pence, 

I am a stay at home mom in a small town in Oregon. I have been researching Common Core and education reform for close to 4 years. I have seen the dangers of having a bureaucracy in DC dictate what happens in a classroom 3000 miles away. Different states have different needs and the one size fits all approach to curriculum and assessments are short sighted in that the damage done to our children's education will long surpass a good score in the short education years.

Please return the power to the states to control their own education standards. Please give our children a chance at a well rounded education free from ties to the federal department of education. And please, if you are for school choice and vouchers, cut the ties to govt regulations over those monies. The money, after all, does belong to the people, not the govt.

Glen Dalgleish - New York

Dear President-elect Trump,

Congratulations on your election.  My wife and I are the founders of Stop Common Core in New York State and we are excited by your campaign promise to end Common Core. We know that you won't be able to end this on your own as the individual states need to pull the plug on this monster that has been torturing our children for years now.  However we are asking you to continue to be vocal about not supporting Common Core so more parents and educators will learn about the toxic nature of Common Core.

We are asking you to remove the federal shackles that has kept states from ending Common Core, no more strings attached to federal funding to states keeping Common Core in place. We are asking that your administration also listens to parents, not just educrats, the so-called experts and teachers.  It is still the parents' responsibility to ensure their kids get a good education, it is the parents who deal with the fall-out of this broken education system.  They are the ones who have to pick their children up, they are the ones who deal with the tears and frustrations on a daily basis, they are the ones whose hearts get broken when they see their children in distress.  

The creators of Common Core started with the premise that all kids are the same, common, and should be given the same education, at the same time, at the same speed. That assumption was the first step towards disaster as our children are far from common, they are the most precious asset this county has, they are our future. 

Common Core never took our most vulnerable into account making their struggles even worse.  Since when do we not take care of our most vulnerable?  

It is time we stop this journey to disaster before we lose a whole generation of kids.  Please help us to make stopping Common Core a reality, for the kids, as they don’t get a do-over, they have to live with it for the rest of their life.

Thank you,

Glen Dalgleish

Michelle Moore Earle - New York

With deep gratitude, I am hopeful America's exceptionalism will reemerge. Especially for our nation's children. To make America Great Again we must ensure exemplary education for our next generation.  I believe transforming education to its original intention; to bring children to their highest potential, expand and enrich our youths minds to instill wonder, to provide a rich understanding of our Nations history and worldwide, geography, literature, arts, music, philosophy, science, advanced mathematics, civics, and to nurture a life long endeavor of learning and to spur innovative entrepreneurs and inventors and dreamers. To raise children to their highest potential. Today's education reforms are the antithesis.

As a parent advocate, activist, mother and grandparent a product of a previously rich education experience, it is imperative that we, as a Nation, reverse course from a Federal Nationalized progressive education model of mediocrity that's harmful to our children and therby our nation. We Parents advocate for return to Local control of education, opportunities for all children sans common core and constraints of ESSA and want choice for all parents to choose schools free of Federal over reach. I am am very hopeful for the future and offer a hearty congratulations on winning the election and am looking forward to a Trump administration that is for "We the People",

Respectfully and warmly, 

Michelle Moore Earle, 

NY Parents Involved in Education, President. 
Mother and grandmother. 
Seneca Falls, NY

Alphonsine Englerth - New York

Dear President Elect Trump, 

On behalf of myself and my family I would like to congratulate you on your most impressive upset in becoming our next President. My hope is that you will make good on your promise to the American families that put their trust and hope in you that you will make education great again. 

My children, OUR children are running out of time! I fell into becoming an educational activist when I began to watch the emotional toll the so called reforms of Common Core were having on my oldest. It takes very little set a child up for failure as I witnessed firsthand. I beg of you to eliminate the CC immediately so other children do not have to needlessly suffer as mine did. Children are not standard, nor are they common.

Children that learn outside of the bell curve are receiving mediocre education at best and in some cases not even that. The children with IEP’s deserve to be educated and allowed to be a contributing part of society. They need qualified educators and support staff. They are not going to fit in the canned curriculum that has been federally mandated through RTTT and now ESSA. One size does not fit all.

There is a funding issue as well. The problem is that once it’s sent out there is very little that actually effects the children. I do believe that by eliminating the USDOE you will find much of the resources needed so that ALL children regardless of zip code can be educated appropriately.

IDEA must be preserved and strengthened to assure that the rights of children with disabilities are protected from school districts that do not always have their best interest at heart. As in education, this law has been incredibly underfunded which often forces parents to travel down the path of Due Process which undoubtedly is more costly in the long run. Districts often play games with what services they can and will offer due to funding constraints. The very thought that school districts have on hand some of the most ruthless attorneys to fight parents with the very money that is received via school tax is egregious!! I personally am tired of fighting and have since pulled both my children out of the mess in public schools. 

I am appreciative for the choice of homeschool and private school. Both are now thriving. Ultimately, it is the parent’s choice as to how and where their child is educated.

Lastly, I implore you to be diligent when picking our new Secretary of Education. We have seen how devastating our last two have been to the students of this country over the last 8 years. Someone that has not been entrenched in the reforms or charter scandals that we have seen. Our children are not widgets, nor a means to a profit, they are the future of this country! 
If you want to make America Great again then please make Education great again.


Alphonsine Englerth, Mama warrior, Accidental Activist
Kevin Kelly - New York

Dear President Elect Trump,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your resounding win. My daughter, a first time voter, was thrilled 
to have voted for the 45th President of the United States.

While I had multiple reasons for voting for you, my primary was your stance on education. For several years I have been involved in the effort to eradicate the government takeover of our local education system. The Common Core Learning Standards, and the corruption surrounding them, have become a destructive force against our schools. The standardization of our children, the rape of their personal information to appease the thirst for data, is the antithesis of the principles upon which our country was founded. I look to you.

Your platform regarding the elimination of the Department of Education would be a solution to this problem. There are many involved in the Stop Common Core movement who would be a tremendous resource to you for this end. Doctors Sandra Stotsky and Peg Lulsik are two that come to mind. They are two actual educators who have been a voice of reason against the CCLS If you would like to know about the movement in your home state, I would suggest your team contact Yvonne Gasperino, a mentor and spearhead of Stop Common Core in New York State, and a nationally recognized name.

Myself, my children and grandchildren, and countless parents and children look to you to fulfill your promise to 
eliminate Common Core. We will stand with you, and help you to Make America Great Again!

Thank you,

Kevin Kelly
Johnnelle Raines - South Carolina

I am thrilled beyond words that Trump was elected! I am a Stop Common Core warrior for the past 6 years. I am presently a board member of UNITED STATES PARENTS INVOLVED IN EDUCATION and will be completely devastated and disillusioned if Trump appoints a person who has not been in the trenches with us parent warriors fighting this Federal overreach that has been quite frankly child abusive. I plead with you with every fiber of my being to appoint William Evers or Peg Luksik or Duke Pesta or Jane Robbins!!! If you betray the millions of MAMA BEARS who have been in the trenches fighting the Goliath called Common Core ...I doubt seriously you will have a second term.  


Johnnelle Raines, Pickens SC
Diane R. Bagdy - New York

CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT- ELECT DONALD J. TRUMP on your unprecedented victory in the election!  

I am a grandmother of 2 young girls aged 9 and 11 who have endured the oppression that Common Core has imposed on them and all the children of this Nation for the last 5+ years.  This is NOT education, it is total indoctrination and the takeover of any semblance of education.  

I have fervently fought for the children, educated myself with every available source of information about Common Core, poured over the UN Agenda 21 and 2030 until my eyes were crossed and watched as schools removed and destroyed ALL books and teaching materials that support our history so that our children know nothing about what America was and should be. 

Your announced appointment of Williamson Evers was cause for a great sigh of relief from all of us across this great Nation, but then we read that you are considering Michelle Rhee as the Secretary of Education.  This is an outright reversal of your desire to end Common Core as she is NOT an learned educator, but rather one of the staunchest supporters of Common Core.  Her ties to Corporate America and ties to David Coleman will only continue to work against us who have been trying to break the hold Common Core has had on our children.  Aside from the "dumbing down" of the children, there is the mental and emotional deviations that are heaped on our children every moment they are in the classroom. 

I would beg you to allow me to direct you to all articles and uTube videos by Dr. Peg Luksik, who has traveled around the Nation giving educational forums on Common Core from the very first appearance of this Agenda infiltrating our education.  

I would also, on behalf of every parent and grandparent in this Nation, strongly urge that the Department of Education be completely dismantled, for if it  remains controlling our education with all the Corporatists and elite contributors steering their direction, we will never regain local control, where our education curriculums should be.  

Again, I cannot tell you how elated we, as your supporters, are that you are our President elect.  Millions of us got behind you, supported you, and now ask that you get in front of the children and support them. 


(Grandma) Diane R. Bagdy
Founder of "Grandmas Cause Because Grandma Cares" and "Crossing Lines To Fight Common Core".

Christine Tamke - New York

Dear President Elect Trump,  

As a mother of two school aged children in your home state of New York, I can not tell you how relieved I was to hear you state that if elected, you would END Common Core! I have been a staunch advocate for a fair, local, educator created education system and set of standards for over four years. I have met with legislators, given testimony and interviews, and networked with thousands of other parents across America in the fight to end Common Core, once and for all. I now implore YOU, President Elect Trump, to make good on your vow and STOP COMMON CORE!!!

Thank you, 

Very Truly Yours,

Christine Tamke, 
Parent and co-founder Stop Common Core on Long Island

Laurel J-Mohr - Minnesota

My students are enrolled in a school with curriculum that meets "state standards" or Common Core.  They are tested every week for 1.5 hours and expected to answer essay questions with multiple paragraphs in 2nd grade.  The standards must be taught so kids who are struggling are not receiving the help they need to understand the material or gain the skills and confidence to want to learn.  The tests have poorly phrased questions and confusing answers.  When I shared this with our Literary Specialist, she said I can email her any concerns and she'll pass them on to the national company in charge of the curriculum because it doesn't bother her.  Our professional teachers are pressed to teach and test on items they know the children do not understand and the national curriculum company is making all the decisions.  Please select an Education Secretary that will make good on your promise to remove Common Core and return education responsibility to local control.  Let our teachers and parents be the experts on education, not business.

Marie Little - New York

Dear President-Elect Trump:

During your campaign you promised to get rid of Common Core, remarking that it is a disaster. I agree with your assessment and count on you and your administration to carry out this promise.

All of our children deserve a quality education that recognizes individual differences and strengths. The one-size-fits-all approach prescribed by national standards does not respect the individuality of our children. We are doing our children, and our country’s future, a disservice by treating all students the same. The current K-12 system ties teacher ratings to student performance on standardized tests, which means that emphasis is placed on preparing students for specifically aligned tests, no matter how inappropriate they may be. With national standards, we have as close to a national curriculum as we’ve ever had. This system is the antithesis of local control, and leaves involved parents who want input in the public education system out in the cold.

I think you’ll agree that our children are our most important assets. Any successful education program involves parents, child development experts, and master teachers. Washington think tanks and lobbyists are not in the business of educating children. They do not have our childrens’ best interests at heart. 

I trust that your transition team will counsel you on choosing an education leader who will downsize the involvement of the federal government considerably and return control of our schools to the state and local level.  We do not need national standards and curriculum, which in essence become a K-12 training system. We need to return to education – taking into account the capacity of each individual child and meeting them where they are, in order to raise them up. Only then can each child reach his or her true potential, and only then can we truly make America great, again.

Thank you for your time, and best wishes for a successful presidency.


Marie Little
Rochester NY

Danielle Elliott - New York

My heartfelt congratulations to you, President-Elect Trump.  Thank you for considering my Make America Great Again suggestion.  As an educated woman, I have won my share of battles.  About 7 years ago I began fighting with an army of parents for the right to have a voice in what our children are taught in school.  We want our children to be recognized as individuals, and taught relevant lessons that preserve the creative thinking and ingenuity that this country has thrived on. Common Core Standards will never be able to provide this.

Common Core has turned my children's schooling into an experience that stifles their individuality and creative thinking.  Some will claim that the standards are higher and more rigorous.  Those same people are likely to have allegiances or receive funding from the very same entities that created/support common core.  This is an unconscionable conflict of interest and a symptom of a much greater political problem. Every child is an individual with different needs, interests, desires and skills.  Their teachers and school boards must be unshackled from the federal mandates that define success in only one way .  

As one of a handful of parents in NYS selected to review the Common core standards, I studied them, word for word.  The  allowable 15% revision will not correct the flaws. The standards were written for the eventual (now current) integration of technology, a convenient set up considering the Common Core-Microsoft connection. Computers should never teach children, only people should do that. Going forward, the goal must be to return decisions about standards and curriculum to parents, teachers and school boards. To Make America Great Again, we must let parents, teachers and school boards set education priorities.  We need to work to frame and dial back the use of technology.  Most importantly, the army of parents, like me, need your support in the battle to remove Common Core Standards.        

Signed, a concerned, but hopeful NYS parent,  

Danielle Elliott

Dona Garner - Utah

11.15.16 – Donna Garner’s Comments Posted on Pres-Elect Trump’s New Website
Recommendations for U. S. Secretary of Education and Undersecretary of Education 
President-Elect Trump, please do not appoint Michelle Rhee for the Sect. of Education position. In fact, she must not have any position in your administration because she is closely tied to Common Core, David Coleman, and the education establishment cabal that is destroying and indoctrinating America’s students. 
Dr. Williamson Evers would be a superb choice as U. S. Sect. of Education.  Dr. Evers has been an outspoken opponent of the Common Core Standards Initiative.  He supports students’ learning the foundational knowledge and skills needed for success in life RATHER than the schools spending their time creating community organizers who are adept at mounting a protest march but who cannot write a correct complete sentence nor do basic math. 
Another great choice as U. S. Sect. of Education would be Robert Scott, attorney and former Texas Commissioner of Education.  
Way back on 11.25.09, Comm. Robert Scott sent a letter to Texas Sen. John Cornyn warning him about the Common Core State Standards Initiative.  
On 1.13.10, Comm. of Education Robert Scott announced that Texas would not participate in the Common Core State Standards nor would the state apply for Race to the Top funds.
On 1.15.10 in a well-publicized interview, Comm. Robert Scott was the first to reveal to the entire nation that Commissioners of Education were pressured by the USDOE to sign on to the national standards BEFORE THE STANDARDS WERE EVEN COMPLETED.  
Until the end of Comm. Scott’s tenure as Texas Commissioner of Education in July 2012, he stood solidly and publicly against the Common Core Standards Initiative.  I believe this proves that he would make a wise choice as either U. S. Secretary of Education or as the Undersecretary of Education. 
Other great choices for positions at the USDOE would be Jane Robbins (attorney and senior fellow with the American Principles Project), Dr. Peg Luksik (conservative education activist, co-founder of Center for American Heritage), Dr. Duke Pesta (staunch opponent of the Common Core Standards Initiative, English professor at the University of Wisconsin, Academic Director of FreedomProject Education), Dr. Sandra Stotsky (Professor emerita in the Dept. of Education at the University of Arkansas, leading education researcher), Dr. Jim Milgram (professor emeritus of mathematics at Stanford University, outspoken opponent of the Common Core Standards Initiative). 
Donna Garner

Megan Whitehead - New York

Hello my name is Meghan Whitehead and I am currently looking into public policy in relation to common core for a Public Affairs class at Shenendehowa High School. I have a few questions that I would greatly appreciate if you could answer.

Do you believe that common core scores are too low, specifically the geometry scores?
What are negative effects of common core?
What are positive effects of common core?
What problems are there are with the current Common Core policy?

Thank you,

Meghan Whitehead

Jolyn Safron - New York

Dear President-elect Trump,

Congratulations on winning a very hard fought election to become the next president of the United States of America.

I am the parent of two amazing daughters in New York State and I have been fighting to STOP COMMON CORE since I learned of the ugly beast back in 2012.
Common Core is not good for our children; it is not good for our teachers; it is not good for our schools and it is not good for our country no matter what anyone might try to tell you.  Please take time to listen to the parents who have been fighting in the trenches for years.  We are here, ready and willing to partner with you, to STOP COMMON CORE as you have promised and we are eager to help you save our schools for our children!

I am hearing distressing rumors that you might be considering Michelle Rhee or Eva Moskowitz for the Secretary of Education cabinet position.  Please know that neither candidate is suitable.  Michelle Rhee is a Common Core supporter and you have promised to get rid of Common Core.  Eva Moskowitz is a very big advocate of high stakes testing which is harmful to our students and she has been accused of being extremely abusive with the discipline of her students in the charter schools she runs.

Please stick with Williamson Evers, who I believe was your initial candidate for the Secretary of Education position.

I look forward to continuing to work with you and the people you place in advisory positions around you as we work together to STOP COMMON CORE.


Jolyn Safron Hurley NY  parent, co-founder of Kingston Action for Education

Cori Duffy - Minnesota 

"Get rid of Common Core State Standards and the Dept. of Education altogether and let states and let states and local districts determine which is the best course of study for their students.  Common Core is a one-size-fits-all program that was written by people who are not educators; it was not voted on by Congress and there was no discussion amongst the American people about this radical change to their schools.  Just give the states block grants or better yet, let them keep their own money and remove all strings tied to the money.  Thank you and Congratulations!"

Cori Duffy

Lino Lakes, MN

Tricia and Will Farmer - New York

Dear President-elect Donald Trump,

We are writing to you to ask you to uphold your promise to get rid of Common Core. We have 2 sons, one educated prior to the implementation of Common Core and one in the thick of it, and we can tell you that you will not be able to make America great again until you rid our schools of this harmful education reform. Under Common Core, we are no longer nurturing individual thinkers. Aside from the rhetoric, we are not teaching our kids to be critical thinkers. We will see a decline of entrepreneurs, innovators and risk takers in this country unless we take a different direction and soon. Time is running out for our younger son and I would like to see that he, and all the children in this country receive a quality education so that the future generation can help make America great again!

Thank you,

Tricia and Will Farmer
BH-BL and Capital District Parents Concerned Over Common Core
BH-BL School Board member
Angela Nolan - New York

Dear Mr. Trump:

I am writing to you in regards to one of your campaign promises. To get rid of Common Core.

As a parent I have seen a change in education that is not good.   A one size fits all approach that is not working. As a father I am sure you realize every child has different  strengths and weaknesses, even within a family, Every child does not learn the same way. With Common Core every child is expected to learn the same way and at the same speed.  Our children deserve the best Education possible, and Common Core is not it

We, the parents are counting on you to Make Education Great Again.
                                                                                                                                                                Angela Nolan

Patricia Villella - New York

Dear President-Elect Trump,

I have been fighting Common Core along with parents for five years.  Children have no voice.  We are our children's voices.  Children have been suffering for five years now with Common Core. An entire generation of children are being used in a experiment. It is a nightmare for children.

I've heard you say "Common Core is a total disaster".  Common Core goes against how children learn, think and process information cognitively. Math has become a convoluted process. The once solid concrete foundation has been completely taken out and replaced with rigor. A rigorous, one size fits all program. The children of America deserve better. I believe you want to make America great again. Let's start with our children. They are our legacy. They are the future for America.

I wish you luck and success as our new president.


Patricia Villella Parent and Co- founder Stop Common Core On Long Island

Esther Stanton - New York

Mr. Trump,  

I would first like to Congratulate you and Governor Mike Pence for Winning!!  It has been a long haul and the relief I feel is Real!  No Hillary!  ��   My story relates to Education and The Common Core Agenda.  My oldest son graduated the year it was implemented and did not suffer like my youngest who is now in year 6 of this mess.  He is now 15 and just started 9th grade (high school).  Common Core Education has caused him to Regress, not Progress.  His skills require visual and hands on learning.  Common Core offers Very Little of this.  Staring at a Smartboard all day Dulls the mind.  Social Emotional Learning is The focus in English class.  Common Sense and Logical Thinking are not there because it does not mesh with "Being a Global Citizen".  Our School is going into year 4 of their 5 year Vision for our kids.  Data collecting and Tracking are on this vision.  I am asking you to please Educate Yourself on The Common Core before you choose Your Education People.  A Majority of us want it Completely Gone....This is why I Voted for YOU!  

Thank you for your time.  Let us help you Make America Great Again!

Esther Stanton
Saratoga Springs, NY

Jill Schweitzer - New York

Dear President-Elect Trump:

I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations on your victory as you become our 45th president. I write to you today, Sir, because I am the mother of a seventh grader, and I am very concerned about the current state of education throughout America.   

Mr. Trump, you assume leadership at a point when we are a nation in distress. There is an imperative need to fix our educational system, because we are at a crisis point – and at the crux of this crisis is Common Core.   

Common Core is being driven, not by a desire to improve education, but by greed. It requires that a great deal of money be spent on new curricula and new materials which are untested, vastly inferior to those which were used previously, and both academically and psychologically detrimental. 

Equally troubling is that Common Core also has an artificial failure built in which purports that its intention is to raise standards. In essence, what it actually does is to sort the children into those who can meet Common Core standards and those who cannot. Only those who can fit into a tiny little pigeon hole and manage to wrap their brains around lessons and tests that are amorphous, incomplete, and riddled with errors should be allowed to move on, and all others should be set up to fail. This is creating a massive new generation of people in the financial lower class who are going to be denied a future because they are being denied an appropriate education. 

Common Core sets children up to fail, whether they are mainstream or not – whether they are gifted, have special challenges, or are English Language Learners – even students who were managing or even doing exceptionally well under the previous standards. Common Core goes against the better judgment of experienced educators and child development experts. Because it is deeply flawed, it does not allow children to build a foundation of mastery and competence in skills and knowledge. Not only does this affect a child’s cognitive development, it also causes chronic anxiety while reinforcing learned helplessness.    

The children who are the most traumatized by the current educational mandates are those to whom we owe the greatest care. So many of these students who have greater need also have, at the same time, an extraordinary capacity to be complete, functional, thriving members of society. And instead of taking that strength and adding to the brilliance of our country, we are casting them aside and turning them into social pariahs – actively, proactively, and viciously – and that, Sir, is unforgivable. Far too many of those we had voted into office, those who were entrusted to care for our children and ensure their future and their wellbeing, have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.

Mr. Trump, your campaign has been challenged on many fronts. Your credibility and your focus have both been challenged on many fronts. You have stated openly that you are against Common Core. We, Sir, are the parents of the future generations and we implore you to be as good as your word. 

Be the president that we need, and take action to save our future generations. End Common Core and the rest of the detrimental mandates. Appoint a Secretary of Education with the knowledge and experience to best serve the needs of all of America’s children; Dr. Bill Evers, Dr. Larry Arnn, Dr. Peg Luksik, or Dr. Sandra Stotsky would be superlative in this position.  

Here is your opportunity, Mr. Trump: There is no way to make America great again if you don’t raise children with knowledge and wisdom and opportunity. You can’t do that if you deny them a reasonable education – and there is nothing reasonable about Common Core.
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