STOP Common Core in New York State 
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Refuse The Test

New York State Test Refusal Letter

The form below will guide you in crafting a test refusal letter for your children, suitable for any New York State school district. We ask for names and addresses as we are crafting a letter that must be mailed. None of this information will be shared with any third party. (courtesy of United To Counter)

Opt-Out/Refusal Template Letters (**** please amend the dates accordingly ****):
Useful Information & Tools:

Assessment Checklist:

Use this Assessment checklist
 as a tool to ask your teacher, principal, district to provide to all parents to transparently communicate all testing to parents. Documents were created by Eric L. Mihelbergel and Amy Bauer Gipe (Western NY'ers Group)

What is a Field Test in a nutshell?  A practice that the test-makers can smooth out issues with the test... and hopefully polish the product. Think of it as a dry run...except your children sacrifice MORE class time so these test-jockeys can get it right.  Your kids are the test dummies."

Parents are NOT informed when the "field testing" will occur.  You need to contact your child's teacher (school district) to find out WHEN these field tests will take place and refuse them.

Here is a GREAT blog: Children Should NOT be a Number 

**New York Refusal Guide**: Thank you to United Opt Out and Sara Wottawa (website can be found on 
"CC Links" page under Opt Out Websites for more information.)

"Parents Guide to Refusing the New York State Assessments" by Sara Wottawa, Eric L. Mihelbergel and Chris Cerrone




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