STOP Common Core in New York State 
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Support Letters for A07994:

Support Letters for S6267:

Template Letters for Elected Officials:

Privacy Letters:
Districts are being mandated by New York State Education Department (NYSED) to sign up with one of three companies by Sept. 27 that will produce data dashboards, to be populated from the inBloom cloud. Furthermore, the State of New York is encouraging districts to provide even more confidential student data to inBloom and to the vendors producing the dashboards – as well as to other companies that will be providing software “learning tools.” (Source: Thanks to

NOTE to Parents: NYSED has contracted to harvest your child's information.  Please see this link for more information:

We are in the process of creating a section on this page that is dedicated to Catholic School Parents. Please be patient. We will be uploading various letters that you can use as a guide for your own letter or use verbatim. As you know the NY Archdiocese has adopted Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative. See link here:
National Catholic Education Association Statement on Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative

Stop Common Core Presentations:  

Our members have been very busy creating their own presentations and we have had several members who have agreed to submit their hard work for others to use.  Why reinvent the wheel?  This saves time for ALL CC Warriors in New York and ALL our counterpart CC Warriors who are working tirelessly throughout their respective states to put an end to CC. We thought it would be helpful to include the below presentations as a guide to help those members who have never created a presentation before.  Also if you think your presentation would be helpful, please free free to submit yours to:

Board of Education Scripts:  

These are scripts that you can use as a guide when speaking at your local school board meeting to help plan, organize and execute you or your team's strategy.  The following are just some of the topics covered in the scripts: how CC came into fruition, how the CC agenda was signed and how it bypassed all parents, educational experts opposing the implementation of CC, the violation of three federal laws, the gutting of FERPA, and more... along with instructions to help you be successful in getting the word out on a local level.  Be sure to have someone videotape your turn at the lectern
and we will be happy to post your video. A big thank you to Californians United Against Common Core ( who started these scripts. 

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