STOP Common Core in New York State 
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Truth About Testing

New York Parents: we need your help! Some schools are reluctant to give out numbers of refusals for math, yet that information is a matter of public record! If your school is among them, we'd like you to request the numbers via a FOIL or Freedom of Information Act Letter. It's three easy steps:

1) Lookup the Records Access Officer at your school district and find that person's email address. This can be anyone, but is often the district or superintendent's clerk. By law, this information is supposed to be on the school website, so if you Google "records access officer" and the name of your school, you should find it. We are discovering that some schools are slacking on this requirement. If that's the case, you can email your superintendent, with a CC: to the Records Access Officer.

2) Complete the FOIL request and attached it to an email or send it by regular mail. For the email, your subject line should be "NY FOIA Request." 

3) Replace the (name of school), (name of county), (your email), and (your name) with the correct information, and send!
That's it! If you are able, we'd appreciate you choosing two school districts - yours and any one other. It is okay if a school district gets more than one FOIL request ... an email doesn't cost them anything to send. Please let us know what you learn ... we know these numbers are big and we want them in the list!!!

4) Once you receive the FOIL information, please email to Loy Gross at

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